Additional Resources


If you are looking for inspiration, advice, or just some good art, feel free to visit these sites. – An excellent source for found footage. Check the “Moving Pictures” archive and especially the Prelinger Archive. Here you’ll find lots of inspiring, mid-century industrial and educational films – rights free and waiting for you to mess with ’em!

Animation Meat – Tutorials, links, cartoon sites, fora, and more.

ASIFA – This is the Hollywood Animation Archive of the International Animated Film Society. ASIFA is dedicated to preserving not only the art of animation, but much of the secret old-timer’s lore. These are serious students of cartooning.

John K Stuff – John Kricfalusi’s blog. Great information in his “Cartoon College.”

Jerry Beck’s Cartoon Brew is a major source of information about animation – indispensible!

Sound Resources

If you’re interested in sound equipment and techniques, you’ll have to go outside your field a little.  The best information can be had from sound engineers and recording enthusiasts.  Try these online resources for information on mics and recording.

TapeOp offers a free magazine for true recording enthusiasts.  Most of the information concerns music production, but they have a DIY ethic that is infectious and motivating. has lots of great information organized in clear to understand categories.  Lots of resources for beginners and advanced students alike.

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has pure, unadulterated technical information from the engineers who invented it.  Not for the faint of heart, but it is thoroughly accurate. – is also a more music-oriented site, but its many forums cover a variety of topics.  Try the “vocal booth” section for advice and recommendations.

Sources for Armatures

If you’ve got money and don’t want to spend time drilling small pieces of wood or metal, you can buy already built armatures to your specifications.


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