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Enjoy these fine publications from the Naked Rabbit Word Power Foundation.  They are available in a variety of formats for your electronic devices.

Burger Crime

Ashcan from 2018 SDCC.   A self-contained story, with a lonely robot, a precocious and troubled little girl, a troubled older girl, and a troubled and possibly murderous unreliable narrator.

PDF version

The Epaulet Club

Ashcan from 2017 SDCC.   A new, entirely contained short story about Nixon, a megalomaniac rabbit, and a vacuum-cleaner-eating tiger.

PDF version

Go Mad See God Go Mad! See God!Ashcan from 2016 SDCC.   Includes Mostly Gesture Comics, ending that experiment. Great fake ads. High quality PDF to ruin your eyes. 

PDF version

may_i_melt_on_small May I Melt On?Ashcan from 2015 SDCC.   Includes “Let’s All Hate Webcomics,” “Sarge,” and Gesture Comics. 

PDF version

 oldjoe Old Joe Comics
Ashcan from 2014 SDCC.  Features “Karen,” starring Little Runt, The all-color version of “The Hairy Boys,” Quanto Comics, plus more.
PDF Version
dirigibles Dirigibles and Submersibles
Originally made for some project or other.  Re-inked, colored, 150% more fun.  There have been a few versions of this one, and the is the best one.
PDF Version
nrpl The Naked Rabbit Pocket Library
10 delightful tiny publications. Choose either the PDF for reading or the ones for printing and folding your own.Zip file of PDFs to print
PDF format
CBZ format
senk Senk Djalb
This pamphlet is good to print out and leave in bus stations, restaurants, and other public places.
PDF version
pirate Pirate Adventures
These six booklets are only part of the story.  These are also for printing and folding.  Secretly, in the middle of the night while you were sleeping, I added the next two parts of the story.
PDF Vol. 1
PDF Vol. 2
PDF Vol. 3
PDF Vol. 4
PDF Vol. 5
PDF Vol. 6

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