I’m on the Radio

Someone has made the horrible mistake of letting me talk for hours.  Here’s the result, Austin Rich’s brand new radio/podcast, WTBC’s Radio in Beautiful Anywhere, Anywhen. Austin does his level best to make sense out of me babbling about a number of topics, including Cat-Head Theater 360 , bad timing & media shifts, Vicki Bennett’s Gone Gone Beyond film […]

Zero – 1998-2016

Today we said goodbye to our little grey muse.  Zero stumbled into our driveway the day after Christmas, scrawny, flea-ridden, with a kink in her tail and missing a tooth, yowling like a four-alarm fire.  She wolfed down a can of Purina’s finest in between yelps; I was certain she would not have lasted another […]

DIY Cintiq Build

Apparently a Cintiq is a fairly straightforward device.  It’s basically a Wacom tablet (which operates on a principle of magnetic resonance) with an LCD in-between.  The digitizer consists of a large plate with circuitry that somehow creates an electrical field. It’s the interaction with the pen that not only powers the pen, but follows it. […]

Render Farm Build 10

DISCLAIMER: This is a continuing series detailing the painful story of a DIY render farm build.  It is terribly technics and somewhat frustrating.  Those who are unprepared for such “entertainment” are advised to ignore these posts. Well, the build FAILED. I forgot to take out ALL the already compiled stolen dylibs out of the /opt […]

New Post Office Box

  Stop the presses! After 23 years, it’s time to say goodbye to the old Post Office Box. It was opened in 1990, near as I can figure, for the then nascent “YURI: Magazine of Tomorrow.” And it has served me well as the proper mailing address for Naked Rabbit and its subsidiary concerns for […]

“Over the Hiccups” playing in Brooklyn

Are you in Brooklyn, or nearabouts? Would you like to watch cartoons? Would you watch them even if mine were included in the program? Good, you are doing fine on this exam. Click the link above for the Facebook event, or make note of this information here: Sunday, April 7th, Big Irv’s Gallery, 7PM. Films […]

Further Updates

glocester,millionaire, 1. Walking Pneumonia. A miserable virus traveling from the corpus of one of my disease-bag students lodged in my system and refused to leave. My normally Rasputin-like immune system seems to be falling down on the job. Super-bug or am I actually getting old? 2. Trip to Gloucester, NYC. This was for the documentary […]

Music Video Project Update

Well, I’m behind. Not that anyone’s noticed, but the deadline for April’s music video, number four, was two weeks ago. What has happened? I’ll blame a virus for one of those weeks. It’s a nasty one. But here’s what else is going on. This video uses a lot of new techniques I’m working out, specifically […]

Your Brain is God Part 25

The show is up at Negativland.com – go to the link below and listen! http://www.negativland.com/ote/?p=1837 It’s a three-hour “talk show” about the non-existance of God. I play Dr. Otto Prieswell, a supposed neuroscientist. There are some gags, but I pretty much played it straight, and about 90% of what I refer to is actually true. […]

Over the Edge this week 12 Jan 12 !

I will be on Don Joyce’s “Over the Edge” radio show THIS WEEK, that is the evening of 12 January (Thursday). The show is on KPFA(www.kpfa.org) and it begins at midnight PST. I’ll be a neurosurgeon that night, so I may not have my own name. Tune in and, as usual, CALL IN the show! […]