World of Men

A brand new video! This exciting new mobile game has never been available before – or since! But it’s here for you to see, now!

Dead Kid Takedown

I guess it’s no surprise, the “Dead Kid” T-shirt design at TeePublic has been issued a takedown order.

Rejuvvimaxx™ Your New Favorite

This new video uses many of the same techniques as the last, with AI providing portions of the script, the commentator video, and the “slides” provided by image generation. Are there more? Well, there could be, but I think we’re running out of steam on this particular approach for now.

The Kretinizer

A new video, here. It’s not too difficult to guess that various AI were used to make this, and that each one was given the explicit task of mocking itself.


It’s been a while since there has been a post here, but that’s because of the feature film, now completed, more about which later. Feature films take a long time to make. Now that there has been a break, I found myself wandering through various second-hand stores and junk shops. What do I happen to […]

The Witness Head

I’ve had the idea to combine a Kunstkopf with a 3D camera for quite some time, but it took the Great Plague of 2020 to make it all come together.

Marion’s Bicycle

At last we can announce our upcoming feature documentary, “The Tony Millionaire Show,” an exploration into the life and art of one of America’s best and most outrageous comics artists. After ten years we offer this tiny slice of video with only the barest of suggestions of what is to come. Finally the piteous tale […]

Share My Fruit (HD)

A lovely HD UPGRADE! The four hairy beasts that make up the band “A.P.E.” (Apes Playing Electronics) – Mungo, Gorgo, Konga, and Edgar – rock out with this song of love and longing. Yes, the A.P.E.s do try really hard, don’t they? But with such winning lyrics as “I Wanna Rub Myself on You” can […]

Flying Tigers

After 93 million years, the FLYING TIGERS record is finally done. Here’s where to get it. “Flying Tigers” was made by a group of musical ne’er-do-wells (Marco Jimenez, Tim Maloney, and Minshi Wang) working for years sending compositions back and forth through email, considering they lived at great distances from each other. The participants were […]

Do You Have Time for an HD Hamster?

The new HD version of this video is up on YouTube. Learn about hamsters with the Black Death Metal band “Bloodfïstre.” This dynamic two man team of Ülric Hjammerthrjob and Ümlaüt Ødinsblüt will blast you away with searing skull-crushing METAL!!! Only this time they hope you’ll learn a little about the desert’s wiley rodent friend, […]