Flying Tigers

After 93 million years, the FLYING TIGERS record is finally done. Here’s where to get it.

“Flying Tigers” was made by a group of musical ne’er-do-wells (Marco Jimenez, Tim Maloney, and Minshi Wang) working for years sending compositions back and forth through email, considering they lived at great distances from each other. The participants were allowed to remix, rework, rewrite, re-edit and re-present everything in whatever way would most irritate or confound the others. This explains the weird range of styles and influences that creep in and out.

Perhaps you will “like” this music. Perhaps you will be overwhelmed by it and will commit crimes in the names of unnameably sinister deities because of it. And perhaps you will share it, either the files themselves, or the suggestion that others destroy their sanities with it, as well.

It’s a weird record, but maybe that’s your thing, and telling someone else about it would be just the thing we’d hope for.

Get it in numerous ways, including some free ones:
Listen on Spotify
Listen on Apple Music
Listen on Bandcamp
Listen on Soundcloud

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