Marion’s Bicycle

At last we can announce our upcoming feature documentary, “The Tony Millionaire Show,” an exploration into the life and art of one of America’s best and most outrageous comics artists. After ten years we offer this tiny slice of video with only the barest of suggestions of what is to come. Finally the piteous tale […]

Share My Fruit (HD)

A lovely HD UPGRADE! The four hairy beasts that make up the band “A.P.E.” (Apes Playing Electronics) – Mungo, Gorgo, Konga, and Edgar – rock out with this song of love and longing. Yes, the A.P.E.s do try really hard, don’t they? But with such winning lyrics as “I Wanna Rub Myself on You” can […]

Cannes Diary 2

This is the Cannes diary, 2007, Day 2 Vendredi, 18 Mai 07 Les Cinephiles, I have come to realize, are Les Bottom-Feeders. On the way in today I was accosted by a dozen or so Cinephiles looking to score an “invit’ “ to today’s film at the Palais. Remember that Cinephiles can go to the […]


  Bright Red Rocket will be at the super*MARKET on Saturday, December 15th @ Meltdown Comics from 11am-6pm. That means me, sitting at the table, with BRR’s DVDs and lots of weird, filthy comics to sell. Come by and say howdy. Great place to get unique, last-minute comics-related gifts for the holidays!