Bright Red Rocket will be at the super*MARKET on Saturday, December 15th @ Meltdown Comics from 11am-6pm. That means me, sitting at the table, with BRR’s DVDs and lots of weird, filthy comics to sell. Come by and say howdy. Great place to get unique, last-minute comics-related gifts for the holidays!

Aluminum or Glass?

OK, this time for real! I had originally wanted to keep “A or G” for just the DVD, but the promotions guy for the disc thought it was better on YouTube as part of the whole publicity campaign. Tell others, and then place an order for the DVD. Show those people at OCD that our […]

Printing Now

The new Negativland DVD “Our Favorite Things” is at the printer’s. This package, which contains a DVD with many animated bits featured at this site (including the super-secret “Aluminum or Glass” – the subject of many posts back in April) also contains a CD featuring the smooth stylings of the “180-G’s,” an R&B cover band […]