Aluminum or Glass?

OK, this time for real! I had originally wanted to keep “A or G” for just the DVD, but the promotions guy for the disc thought it was better on YouTube as part of the whole publicity campaign. Tell others, and then place an order for the DVD. Show those people at OCD that our […]

Aluminum or Glass 17

There’s not been a post here in a while, and that’s because there have been no new images to add. It’s mostly tweaking the timings and making sure all the mistakes are gone. I’m quite sure that “Aluminum or Glass” will be complete very soon.   Everyone in this picture says “Good Luck, Everyone!” Good […]

Aluminum or Glass 16

This is what is taking so long. 10,000 beard hairs should move from the air resistance associated with acceleration.

Aluminum or Glass 14

Ho! What is this? Hundreds of hideous man-heraded ants crawl about, trying to sing the virtues of Pepsi! The Hamster provides the tune, but – oh dear! There goes soggy old Gramps again, protesting for a “real” soda pop.

Aluminum or Glass 13

Such action! The Weatherman is truly and avatar of destruction with his green flame space gun. A distorted MBA looks on in palsied horror as his secretary turns her attention to the bubbling wall of water behind them.

Aluminum or Glass 12

Cola Wars: the Next Generation.

Aluminum or Glass 11

From his high holy TV test signal temple in outer space, the Weatherman reveals “Advertising Secrets” you didn’t even know he had. Drunk Cat Girl takes note, and statuesque skeletons pose while the energy flows around them.

Aluminum or Glass 10

Buying a robot can be such a pain. There are so many styles and colors to choose from.

Aluminum or Glass 9

What’s on the television, hmmm? It looks like an interesting program, all right. Some kind of exorcism, no doubt. The Weatherman tries to explain the right way to go about this advertisement, but his examples are a bit off-putting.

Aluminum or Glass 8

Not terribly exciiting compared to yesterday’s blitzkrieg of eye candy, but still respectable. This hamster seems unconcerned at the size of this great bastard of an ant that menaces him. Those creepy legs are twitching and twisting. It makes my skin crawl watching it, and hopefully yours will crawl, too.