Staging with 3D Man

Good luck finding a copy of my 2009 book “Get Animated.”  Oh, wait, here they are.  Though not as scarce as hen’s teeth it’s getting that way.  The book included a DVD with information and tutorials on it.  Now that no one wants to admit they own a DVD player, it’s unfashionable to suggest anyone […]

Cat’s Head Theatre Restored

While preparing the 360 version, this new restored HD version of the original came about.

Cat’s Head Theatre 360

A new version of “Cat’s Head Theatre,” a.k.a. Cat Head Theatre 2, a.k.a. the Japanese Movie One, is now up on YouTube. Yes, the HD version will not be long behind, but for now why not enjoy a brand spanking new 360 version? Re-imagined and re-engineered for this whole 360 degree video craze that’s sweeping […]

Cat Head Theatre 360

At long last, the Render Farm at the Naked Rabbit Mystery Studios has burned itself out bringing you the unavoidable spectacle of  Cat Head Theatre – in 360 degree video! You’ve no doubt heard of this newfangled amusement they call the “Three Hundred Sixty Degree Video.”  It’s all the rage amongst the intelligentsia as well […]

Faculty Doodles 2016-3

Nothing like a good old Faculty Meeting to make me start drawing again.  This time it was all about finance and how the contracts and procurement system at the University functions.  

Fake Ads

Here are all the Fake Ads from Go Mad!  See God!  My ashcan for the SDCC this year.

May I Melt On?

Regard, a PDF version of a small ashcan comic I gave out at SDCC this year.  It is the compilation of the gesture comics released here plus a few old bits from the site that had never seen “publication.”

Gesture Comics 7 – Indiana Jones is Old

For an explanation of how these work, see the original post. A lot of these made it into a small ashcan I was giving out at the SDCC.  Now it’s much later, but I’m still posting them, including the extra “NSFW” versions I did not add to the book. In this one, a beloved movie icon continues to have […]

Burn, Human, Burn!

Do not displease a cat, especially in this rude fashion. Pass this around, blog it, repeat it, post it, send it everywhere. While you’re at it, grab this image macro and start posting it everywhere. It has lots of uses. Where is the next music video? Yes, I’m quite surprised that no one has asked […]

Jerky Cat

Oh GAWD, who let HIM have the mic? We’ll be here all night waiting for him to get through his lousy rendition of “Knights in White Satin.” Look at him wolfing down catnip like there’s no tomorrow – it makes him all sentimental and gropey. Please let this night be over.