Burn, Human, Burn!

Do not displease a cat, especially in this rude fashion.

Pass this around, blog it, repeat it, post it, send it everywhere. While you’re at it, grab this image macro and start posting it everywhere. It has lots of uses.

Where is the next music video?

Yes, I’m quite surprised that no one has asked that. Not a single person. Either this project has been forgotten or anyone reading this is feeling bad about asking me what must be a touchy subject.


The old computer died. That’s the simplest explanation. The G5 Quad is no more, that noble beast. A not-so-new refurbished 3 year old Intel Mac Pro has taken its place. It took almost two weeks just to set the thing up. That holidays end of the semester… the perfect storm. This project is obviously going to drag on until the New Year. I will simply pretend that the year “2012” actually ends with the Luna Calendar, thus I have until February to make things good. And since the horrendous din of millions of voices clamoring for new work from me has been relatively easy to shut out, I’ll let myself off the hook. In the meantime, amuse yourself with the work above.

2 comments on “Burn, Human, Burn!

  1. so … where is the next music video? WHEN is it?

    and how on earth are you ever going to churn out 7 yes SEVEN music vids between now and march?


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