Bloodfïstre – Do You Have Time for Hamster?

The Naked Rabbit Music Video Project #4

One music video every month throughout 2012. All original songs, all original production, all original video.

May Entry: Learn about hamsters with the Black Death Metal band “Bloodfïstre.” This dynamic two man team of Ülric Hjammerthrjob and Ümlaüt Ødinsblüt will blast you away with searing skull-crushing METAL. Only this time they hope you’ll learn a little about the desert’s wiley rodent friend, the noble hamster. Then you will perish beneath the unholy assault of soul-destroying METAL. You may be driven completely insane, but you will have learned so much about a pet you can enjoy for about 2 years.
Special thanks to Darren Frydendall and Dimitri Timohovich.

This one was a whirlwind, to try to stay current with the deadlines. Shot in a couple hours in one evening, out by the Demon House at the back of our property. Good thing I have not yet finished fixing that building – it looks decayed enough to suit these two fellows. Dimo brought the pyro, as usual, an off-brand “candle” that sucked so bad it was only good for the likes of this project. Beckie was on hand with the smoke machine – you can see her in the clip.

I would imagine that “Bloodfîstre” are two guys who have known each other since grade school and who make this kind of noisy black metal in one of their Mom’s basements. They have CDs on CDBaby and MP3s up at Soundcloud, but no one outside of their town in Minnesota has heard of them. Heck, most folks in their town have never heard of them, and no one can actually read that logo they drew in study hall.

The Bloodfïstre guys I imagine are both in their mid-40s, and they’ve run out of really evil topics to write songs about, so they’ve turned to anything they can think of… in this case, hamsters.

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