Action Hot Dog

The Naked Rabbit Music Video Project #4

One music video every month throughout 2012. All original songs, all original production, all original video.

April Entry: Delayed by Disease and Disaster. The Ignorance Team have done it again! This popular number is based on the mating dances of bees, and has been known to ease coughing symptoms. You’ll find your toes a-tappin’ and your brain searching for exactly where that loop came from. Don’t try to dance like that hot dog, though, or you’ll end up in a hospital!

Finally, the fruits of my labors over the last few difficult months. No expense has been spared, no technique overlooked to bring you this festival of funny dancing. From an aborted by good-hearted attempt to use the Kinect to an effective an entertaining use of Open Sound Control to make the duck honk, I’ve done way more hours of work than this little clip can possibly show. All for you, dear viewer, who I wish to please like no other.

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