Further Updates


1. Walking Pneumonia. A miserable virus traveling from the corpus of one of my disease-bag students lodged in my system and refused to leave. My normally Rasputin-like immune system seems to be falling down on the job. Super-bug or am I actually getting old?

2. Trip to Gloucester, NYC. This was for the documentary I’m making on Tony Millionaire, the brilliant, alcoholic, deeply troubled, genius bastard of a cartoonist.

3. The G5 Quad, still my main computer for the last six years, old trooper that it has been, went belly up. Ah, the many hours of video and screwed up music that were made on this machine! You have no idea how it saddens me to see all the fluid in the liquid coolant system dried up, temperatures spiking into the 90s. CELSIUS. I’m making do with a loaner G5 DUAL. I can feel the difference, working on a PPC machine at 50% of my normal ability – which “normal ability” is already far below what most people enjoy. I’ve got more than enough money for a new machine, but as anyone who has been following Apple knows, they are sadly in need of a refresh and redesign. They promise this redesign in 2013. I’ve been waiting for almost a year already. So what’s to do? I’ll not buy this year’s model – two year old processors and an already outdated architecture… does not sound like a wise investment for a guy who cannot buy a computer but once every 5-6 years. Can I last for another year on a wheezing G5 dual? No one seems to be able to refill the crazy Apple coolant pump. Oh, Cupertino, why hast thou forsaken me?

All of which is to say that music videos exist on my hard drives in partial states of completion, but the proper tools to complete them have become difficult to secure. I’m still working, and I WILL catch up. Here’s proof:

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