Staging with 3D Man

Good luck finding a copy of my 2009 book “Get Animated.”  Oh, wait, here they are.  Though not as scarce as hen’s teeth it’s getting that way.  The book included a DVD with information and tutorials on it.  Now that no one wants to admit they own a DVD player, it’s unfashionable to suggest anyone […]

Gesture Comics 20

More Gesture Comics, collected in a new ashcan for SDCC. Today’s Episode:

Gesture Comics 9 – Pirate Philosopher

For an explanation of how these work, see the original post. Ah, the superior mental powers of a hamster!  Even the man who dedicates his life to the pursuit of wisdom may be outfoxed by a rodent.

Pirate Yoga

Another series of gesture drawings. I can’t remember what was going on, but it seems I decided early on that this pirate was doing Yoga. And that a small hamster was going to accompany him.