Faculty Doodles 2016-3

Nothing like a good old Faculty Meeting to make me start drawing again.  This time it was all about finance and how the contracts and procurement system at the University functions.  

Gesture Comics 10 – The Four-Flusher

For an explanation of how these work, see the original post. But for now, witness the true story of how the left half of this great nation came to be.

Gesture Comics 5 – Chiropractor NSFW

For an explanation, see Gesture Comics 1. Now with extra titillating cartoon nudity.  It’s pretty chaste, but I have no idea what your work is like, so NSFW.

Gesture Comics 2 – Carmen

For an explanation, see Gesture Comics 1. More comics for Comic-Con San Diego.

Art is Beautiful

The screening last Saturday ensured that many new Naked Rabbit productions were finished. They shall be released to the site here, one at a time for interest’s sake. Why not go alphabetically? “Art is Beautiful” will be the first in a small series. Let us pity the oaf who does not experience the sublime when […]