Big Dong Lobby Cards – 3

Big Dong is also based on an old Chinese movie poster I found. Min-Hsu Wang, who stars as “Little Chong,” was able to find it for me – a 1977 comedy called “Winner Takes All!”  Part 1 of these lobby cards is here, and Part 2 is here.

Big Dong Lobby Cards – 2

Here are some more imagined lobby cards that Big Dong might have had if it had been an actual movie.  The Garfield Theatre in Alhambra used to show great Hong Kong action films in the 90s.  This was yet another theatre I imagined would show the feature version of “Big Dong.”  So “BD” is kind […]

Big Dong Lobby Cards – 1

I made Big Dong in part because of the wacky theatre lobby cards and posters I’d see while driving by the old Westlake Theatre on Alvarado in Los Angeles.  Its been a swap meet for years now, but I remember fondly the kinds of films they’d play there.  Here are some imagined lobby cards that Big […]

Gesture Comics 10 – The Four-Flusher

For an explanation of how these work, see the original post. But for now, witness the true story of how the left half of this great nation came to be.

Last of the Yu-Gi-Ohs (part 6)

Finally, our series has come to a close. Enjoy these, the last in a fine series of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Click on the pics for full-size versions, print ’em out, and start winning big!

Yu-Gi-Oh Sunday (part 5)

I’ll just change the name and no one will notice.

Late Yu-Gi-Oh Friday (Part 4)

How unfortunate. There you were at your weekly Yu-Gi-Oh card game meeting, and you did not have the special secret weapon cards I provide you. I am truly sorry.

Yu-Gi-Oh Friday 3

Late again! However did you manage Friday night’s frenzied Yu-Gi-Oh card games without the next selection?

Yu-Gi-Oh Friday

It’s Yu-Gi-Oh Friday! It’s some kind of complicated card game with monsters in it! You can spend all your pretty pennies buying the official original cards to play this possibly fascinating game, or you can just download and print out this new pack. Or just add to your already bulging collection! Here are five new […]