Gesture Comics 14

More Gesture Comics, collected in a new ashcan for SDCC. Today’s Episode:

Gesture Comics 12 – The Artist and His Model (NSFW)

For an explanation of how these work, see the original post. This one is also NSFW for tiny cartoon boobs.  Also a few lines which, when placed next to other lines that represent legs, indicate to the viewer the suggestion of a thatch of pubic hair, often missing from today’s traditional pornography, but here providing a less […]

Over the Edge Radio

I’m going to be on Don Joyce’s “Over the Edge” show tomorrow night – Thursday, 15 December, 2010 on KPFA radio, starting at midnight! Listen here! You may not recognize me, as we’ll probably be using code names – do you hear that? CODE NAMES. Tune in and listen if you’re a night owl. If […]

I guess you COULD see this piece.

They fixed it. Dan at the Nau-Haus Gallery, where the Negativland show is now exhibiting, was kind enough to find an art restorer to piece my bunny back together. Remarkable. Here is his photo of the completed TM wall of the exhibit. I am particularly fond of the arrangement of small paintings. Are you in […]

You won’t be seeing this piece!

Ooops! Something went wrong in shipping. Looks like the Texas show will be missing at least one exhibit from me.

Art is Beautiful

The screening last Saturday ensured that many new Naked Rabbit productions were finished. They shall be released to the site here, one at a time for interest’s sake. Why not go alphabetically? “Art is Beautiful” will be the first in a small series. Let us pity the oaf who does not experience the sublime when […]