More Stupidity!

MORE STUPIDITY by The Weather Rabbit The Weatherman and The Naked Rabbit join forces to bring you almost 44 minutes of strange noises, including cheap keyboards, text-to-speech robots, a bevy of VSTs, Ultra-high frequency radio broadcasts, drones, secret radio transmissions, and a whole lot of accidents. The original tapes for this Easy Listening album were […]

Aluminum or Glass?

OK, this time for real! I had originally wanted to keep “A or G” for just the DVD, but the promotions guy for the disc thought it was better on YouTube as part of the whole publicity campaign. Tell others, and then place an order for the DVD. Show those people at OCD that our […]

Aluminum or Glass 16

This is what is taking so long. 10,000 beard hairs should move from the air resistance associated with acceleration.

Aluminum or Glass 13

Such action! The Weatherman is truly and avatar of destruction with his green flame space gun. A distorted MBA looks on in palsied horror as his secretary turns her attention to the bubbling wall of water behind them.

Aluminum or Glass 11

From his high holy TV test signal temple in outer space, the Weatherman reveals “Advertising Secrets” you didn’t even know he had. Drunk Cat Girl takes note, and statuesque skeletons pose while the energy flows around them.

Aluminum or Glass 9

What’s on the television, hmmm? It looks like an interesting program, all right. Some kind of exorcism, no doubt. The Weatherman tries to explain the right way to go about this advertisement, but his examples are a bit off-putting.

Aluminum or Glass 7

Here’s something you don’t see everyday! The Weatherman is riding tall on the back of a beautiful leopard. You have to watch closely to see this image – it’s only onscreen for a few seconds, if that. Imagine the hours of work just to slam this thing against your eyeballs for fleeting moments. Now don’t […]

Aluminum or Glass 4

A Startling Image of Great Disturbance! Those MBA Executives. They are little more than curious robots sent to this planet to exploit it, unable to divine understanding of how we humans operate. The Weatherman is trying to school them proper on ways to make a commercial, but even something obviously way up their alley as […]

Aluminum or Glass 3

Part 3 of the Aluminum or Glass countdown. Here we see the Weatherman dancing a pirouette before the hideous “Levi’s Cord Night” Ad. You can see how effective these advertisements were, as they flashed the word “Pants!” repeatedly until you bought them. Below we see the “Ubik Cigarette” girls in their costumes, attempting to entice […]