Dirigibles and Submersibles – 19-24

Next installment: A few extra pages to get to the first submersible. Yes, that is correct. It’s been 24 pages and more than halfway into the project before a sub appeared. Leave a comment, either here or at the Naked Rabbit Facebook page. Go here to look at the other parts: D&S 1-3 D&S 4-6 […]

Aluminum or Glass 11

From his high holy TV test signal temple in outer space, the Weatherman reveals “Advertising Secrets” you didn’t even know he had. Drunk Cat Girl takes note, and statuesque skeletons pose while the energy flows around them.

Aluminum or Glass 6

Day 6 of posting work from my newest (and most painstaking) video, “Aluminum or Glass.” This is the home stretch, as the kids say. These fine hamsters sing the virtues of seeing eye to eye while skeletons compete to see who can smoke the most. This is the “breakdown” section, after which all “hell” breaks […]

Aluminum or Glass 2

Part 2 in a series of images from my current video work. Here we have the Peter-Max-inspired-skeleton-throwing-a-pop-can sequence. Whenever you let an animated skeleton finish a can of pop on his own you can bet that rascal is going to toss the can without considering the environment. Let this be a lesson to us all.

Aluminum or Glass?

For far too long have I been toiling on a new Negativland “music video” called “The Memo: Aluminum or Glass.” In fact, I’ve been so slow that the notoriously glacial found-sound combo is losing its patience with me. In an effort to speed up the process, I offer you a daily dose of “A or […]