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The new Negativland DVD “Our Favorite Things” is at the printer’s. This package, which contains a DVD with many animated bits featured at this site (including the super-secret “Aluminum or Glass” – the subject of many posts back in April) also contains a CD featuring the smooth stylings of the “180-G’s,” an R&B cover band who play some of Negativland’s best known hits. No, really, after seven years and many false alarms, it appears as though this DVD will be in stores and perhaps your hot little sweaty hands very soon – this Fall. And what a package! An hour of shorts, an hour of crazy bonus materials and short films, special commentary tracks by the Weatherman, and more!

Details about the disc will be available on Negativland’s website. Right now they’re not quite up to it, but we are assured information will be released shortly. Sometimes their MySpace Page is updated more frequently; it’s where the kids hang out these days.

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  1. Hey, Dr. B.!

    Amazon has the disc listed, so I’m sure you can preorder there. You might try OCD, our distributor, because they might also take a pre-order. They’re showing it for $22.49 US, regularly $25.

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