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Try it today! Or wait, maybe don’t!

This new video uses many of the same techniques as the last, with AI providing portions of the script, the commentator video, and the “slides” provided by image generation. Are there more? Well, there could be, but I think we’re running out of steam on this particular approach for now.

Why Pick on these AI?

Well, it’s fun, innit? But more importantly, there seem to be some interesting issues associated with the use of these toys. If the clamor of randos found online are any indication, there are entire cottage industries springing up around the idea of using software like the ones I used to create any number of hideous online shops, bogus products, and other methods to extract wealth from susceptible buyers. It’s already in place. This is not a novel observation, and even the observation that it is not a novel observation is, in and of itself, not a novel observation.

So Why Add Noise to the Noise?

Making little satirical videos like these are certainly not going to bring down the kingpins of AI any time soon. Maybe it’s a tiny drop of voodoo, a little QuickTime vaccination against believing in the mountain of online garbage that AI are being weaponized to bombard you with. Perhaps it’s a weak and futile punch from the wimpy kid on the playground who the bullies are holding down while they kick him. I’m not even sure.

Maybe it’s just a laff.

I Liked Your Older, Funnier Stuff

I feel like I have passed a milestone, as someone has just said this to me this week. It is a rite of passage: I feel as though I have “arrived.”

For anyone who has read this far, yes, I am probably running out of steam with making fun of AI.

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