Dirigibles and Submersibles – 19-24

Next installment: A few extra pages to get to the first submersible. Yes, that is correct. It’s been 24 pages and more than halfway into the project before a sub appeared. Leave a comment, either here or at the Naked Rabbit Facebook page. Go here to look at the other parts: D&S 1-3 D&S 4-6 […]

Dirigibles and Submersibles – 4-6

Here are some more pages of this comic I recently drew: If you like ’em, let me know!

I guess you COULD see this piece.

They fixed it. Dan at the Nau-Haus Gallery, where the Negativland show is now exhibiting, was kind enough to find an art restorer to piece my bunny back together. Remarkable. Here is his photo of the completed TM wall of the exhibit. I am particularly fond of the arrangement of small paintings. Are you in […]

You won’t be seeing this piece!

Ooops! Something went wrong in shipping. Looks like the Texas show will be missing at least one exhibit from me.

“Over the Hiccups” Bunny in Art Show

Negativland: Our Favorite Things – November 6-28 Nau-haus Art 223 E, 11th St. Houston Texas, 77008 Opening reception Sat., November 6, 6 to 9 PM On display – and for sale – will be the bunny and kitty models I made for “Over The Hiccups.” This glass case holds 8 of the head models I […]

You Missed Me

At the Dewanatron Show Sunday night. The generous Dewans and their equally gracious pals allowed me to join their festival of music, noise, and fun. Read about it here, at the L.A. Times page. That’s Brian Dewan on the left side, Rob Zabrecky in the middle, and your narrator on the right, attempting to fit […]

Screening and Book Release

Click on the picture for a larger, more readable version. It’s true! I am working like a fiend in preparation for this event. Here is the information. Now you know what you must do. I will be there, attempting to look respectable as I try to make you buy something from my hideous table of […]

The Book is OUT

Apparently you can buy my new book at a store. I can do it, too! Major bookstores everywhere have it (try Barnes & Noble, Border’s, etc.), but the trick is that you have to look in the COMPUTER section. This is probably very smart marketing – the book is, after all, concerned with getting your […]

Hard Drive Disaster

Suffice to say this is NOT what they are supposed to look like. This serves as a warning for everyone in the Universe: back up your data! You do not want to know how many cat-heads are on that thing.

Problems with the American Animation Industry

Practices which would seem perfectly reasonable are routinely bypassed to cut costs. Planning is eschewed in favor of miscommunication, mishandling, and misappropriation of resources and funds. Most of this confusion can be traced to one single vector: a proliferation of MBAs, middle-level managers and “executives.”