Hard Drive Disaster


Suffice to say this is NOT what they are supposed to look like. This serves as a warning for everyone in the Universe: back up your data! You do not want to know how many cat-heads are on that thing.

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  1. It was old and stopped working. Apparently the little arms that swing in and out, reading from the platters, wore out. As a result, no data was accessible. The good thing is that the platters were completely fine, and I got a 100% recovery of all data. But I had to pay dearly for that, as men in white suits and a clean room had to do it for me.

    Now I have a RAID system.

    The actual drive in the photo is not the real failure drive, but another doorstop I had lying around (also too old and wore out, but never a crisis – I replaced it well in good time) and thought I would maul for a good picture.

  2. The RAID works great. It cost about half to set up as I paid in fees getting the old drive back! I bought a four-bay box and loaded it with 1.5Tb drives, so I think I’m set for the forseeable future…

    I recommend it to EVERYONE if you work with this much data. The only step up from here is a dedicated server (like an X-Serve), which I’m sure would be necessary if you were editing features or television. Who knows what the PC equivalent is, but there’s something out there for those.

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