The Book is OUT

Apparently you can buy my new book at a store. I can do it, too! Major bookstores everywhere have it (try Barnes & Noble, Border’s, etc.), but the trick is that you have to look in the COMPUTER section. This is probably very smart marketing – the book is, after all, concerned with getting your home computer to do pro-quality cartoons. Next to the other computer books of dubious quality it looks like a million bucks!


You can click on this little version of the book over here to order it through Amazon if you would like. Also planned for this summer is a mini-book tour up and down the Pacific Northwest in July. Do you live on the coast? Maybe I’ll see you then.

There is also a blog connected to the book. I’m just getting it started, but if you’d like to see how it’s going – and maybe contribute to the comments if it’s your thing – then try clicking here.

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