Quanto Comics: Stuck Behind a Truck

Click for bigger size. This was Quanto #2 from the same wild bacchanal of comix referred to here. I’m certain that Brian Dewan supplied the title. That’s my re-inking work on it, but definitely his lettering.

Quanto Comics: The Duck Detective

      Brian and Ted Dewan made this game up when they were kids. Scott McCloud’s written about it in his last book, “Making Comics.” Now that I’ve dropped all those names, I’ll add that this latest piece is from a session playing Quanto with Brian, Scott, and Cecilia. The way Quanto works is […]

You Missed Me

At the Dewanatron Show Sunday night. The generous Dewans and their equally gracious pals allowed me to join their festival of music, noise, and fun. Read about it here, at the L.A. Times page. That’s Brian Dewan on the left side, Rob Zabrecky in the middle, and your narrator on the right, attempting to fit […]