Hello, Monday

Hello, Monday! I have a few things for you! Here’s another hamster sketch comic. As mentioned before, these are made in Gesture Drawing class with Mark McDonnell. Each panel is a 3 minute sketch and I have zero idea what panel is coming next, so I have to make it all up on the fly. […]

San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Yes, you should come to see me while I’m signing the Get Animated! Book. Come talk to me about Comics and Cartoons. Seriously. SUNDAY July 26th – 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM San Diego Comic-Con – at the Watson-Guptill Table – Booth 1128

Get Animated Book Tour 2009

The “Get Animated!” book tour is about to launch. We’re traveling up the Pacific Coast to do a few events in major cities along the way. Is yours among them? Come visit and say hello! Invite me to your house! July 15th – 7:00 PM Ravenna Third Place Books – 17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake […]

Screening and Book Release

Click on the picture for a larger, more readable version. It’s true! I am working like a fiend in preparation for this event. Here is the information. Now you know what you must do. I will be there, attempting to look respectable as I try to make you buy something from my hideous table of […]

Timing Example #1 – Anime

I was defending anime to a colleague once and I was telling him that I thought most anime shows were brilliantly timed. If you do not have the time, energy, or budget for full animation – as in the case with all television and most of our personal projects – then this kind of timing would be good to know.

The Book is OUT

Apparently you can buy my new book at a store. I can do it, too! Major bookstores everywhere have it (try Barnes & Noble, Border’s, etc.), but the trick is that you have to look in the COMPUTER section. This is probably very smart marketing – the book is, after all, concerned with getting your […]

Problems with the American Animation Industry

Practices which would seem perfectly reasonable are routinely bypassed to cut costs. Planning is eschewed in favor of miscommunication, mishandling, and misappropriation of resources and funds. Most of this confusion can be traced to one single vector: a proliferation of MBAs, middle-level managers and “executives.”

Animation Screenplays

One point I emphasize in the “Get Animated!” book is that the traditional screenplay format is not only unnecessary for good animation, it probably hurts the process. This is not an original view on the subject! In fact most people who know something about animation tend to agree.

Raggedy Animation

Raggedy Ann just didn’t look right, and certainly didn’t move right, and the results were entirely unacceptable. No matter what software you use, computers aren’t good at giving drawings that human touch.

Get Animated!

I think it’s OK to tell you now that I’ve been writing a book.   Amazon says: “This book shows aspiring animators how to create studio-grade animation on simple home equipment.” I’m pretty sure I wrote that in the introduction. No intended to replace any book by past masters, this one will give you some […]