Your Brain is God Part 25

The show is up at – go to the link below and listen!

It’s a three-hour “talk show” about the non-existance of God. I play Dr. Otto Prieswell, a supposed neuroscientist. There are some gags, but I pretty much played it straight, and about 90% of what I refer to is actually true. The God Helmet is a real thing, as are most of the observations about science and religion. The God Helmet has never made anyone retarded, though, so I made that part up. When people want to goof off, we’re goofing, but a lot of people called in with some serious issues, so we ended up mixing in a lot of very real opinions. This ended up a lot more Andy Kaufmanesque than perhaps we intended!

The callers went nuts and kept us going the whole time which, for a show that happens from midnight-3AM, is pretty darn good.

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