Cannes Diary 3

This is the Cannes Diary, Day 3 Samedi, 20 Mai 2007 By 10AM it’s clear that there are no passes offered that are any good to me. They give out some for the Classics and the Cinefondation screenings – there is at least one evening premiere, but since I’m in a no-tux situation, I decide against […]

Cannes Diary 2

This is the Cannes diary, 2007, Day 2 Vendredi, 18 Mai 07 Les Cinephiles, I have come to realize, are Les Bottom-Feeders. On the way in today I was accosted by a dozen or so Cinephiles looking to score an “invit’ “ to today’s film at the Palais. Remember that Cinephiles can go to the […]

Cannes Diary 1

Last year I attended the Cannes Film Festival, on assignment from Some Online Journal. I was to give a “festival report” of what happened there. The first draft of the article turned out to be over 22,000 words and included quite a bit of extraneous but interesting detail. More than one notebook was filled with […]