Cannes Diary 7

This is Day 7 of the Cannes Diary 2007 Mercredi 23 Mai 07 Today I have employed a time-honored method of extending one’s laundry with a thorough wash in the bathroom of your hotel. Be sure to pack (or purchase locally) some laundry detergent. You can use the sink for washing, tub for the rinse, […]

Cannes Diary 6

This is Day 6 of the Cannes Diary, 2007 Mardi 22 Mai 07 Nothing. I mean, totally dead nothing, zero to watch today. Cinephile screenings are dogs and the market is embarrassing. Only one film to consider and that is BRAND UPON THE BRAIN – Dir. Guy Maddin This is only the second film to be […]

Cannes Diary 5

This is Day 5 of the Cannes 2007 diary. It is now time for Cannes 2008, but your correspondent is not attending. Lundi 21 Mai 07 Jackpot! My hideous morning ritual standing in the Cinephile Line of Losers pays off. I get a pass to a Schöndorff film and the Uli Seidl premiere at the […]