Myanmar Diary – Part 15

19 November 15  – Thursday – DAY THIRTEEN I sit in front of the sewing shop as distant bells strike the hour. It’s Grandma’s death day, so that seems fitting for the somber quality of the morning. After murky dreams I awake to yet another day. The sameness of the shoot has set in. We […]

Myanmar Diary – Part 14

18 November 15  – Wednesday – DAY TWELVE Back to school! Apparently our presence here is a bit troublesome. The school has been very gracious with us so far, and we’re back for a second helping. They tolerate us rather well, though, and if we’re a big inconvenience they do not let us see that. […]

Myanmar Diary – Part 13

17 November 15 – Tuesday – DAY ELEVEN It’s another day in the marketplace. This time we follow Gilbert doing the same things that Tinmar Aung did. It’s another eight minute shot following someone as he goes around buying things. The path is slightly different (it’s supposed to be years earlier) and now we’re doing […]

Myanmar Diary – Part 12

16 November 15 – Monday – DAY TEN The shoot is halfway finished. Since we leave November 29 it’s more like just over the hump, timewise. Gavin is worried he doesn’t have the film yet but that seems totally normal at this stage. We are quite sure that whether or not he does have a […]

Myanmar Diary – Part 11

15 November 15 Sunday – DAY NINE I begin the day by making stupid sound effects with Tinmar Aung. After she sets her own mic (which is beginning to be a morning ritual for us both) I have her do a test level, show her the meters, and often put the headphones on her so […]

Myanmar Diary – Part 10

14 November 15 – Saturday – DAY EIGHT It’s Cecilia’s birthday! She wants no one to know, just business as usual. And it sure is, as prosaic a day as they’ve all been here in Pyin Oo Lwin. By now any exotic/special nature of what were doing has worn off – we’re still open to […]

Myanmar Diary – Part 9

13 November 15 – Friday – DAY SEVEN Friday the 13th is unlucky, but seven is supposedly lucky, so what does that mean for our film today? Nothing so far. I still have this virus, and a bad, bad hacking cough. There’s no telling if it’s bronchitis. In truth, I ended up ill and wheezing […]