Myanmar Diary – Part 19

23rd November 15 – Monday – DAY SEVENTEEN We’re standing on the roof of the orphanage now, trying to get a shot of the school playground at recess. It’s the opening day of the Balloon Festival. After this one shot and a pickup of Gilbert – to cover the shot that had his big ugly […]

Myanmar Diary – Part 18

22nd November 15 – Sunday – DAY SIXTEEN The morning finds us at the orphanage again – this time with a load of tangerines for the children. And I do mean a load. Food is cheap here, remember? And an entire crate full of tangerines costs very little. Everyone loves tangerines, it seems. When we […]

Myanmar Diary – Part 17

21 November 15 – Saturday – DAY FIFTEEN At the orphanage I get some kitten action immediately. They’ve got a number of stray felines that wander in and out all day. Sister feeds them – usually chicken, and very often steamed rice, which they seem to eat just fine. They’re kind of skinny compared to […]

Myanmar Diary – Part 16

20 February 15 – Friday – DAY FOURTEEN A solid two weeks without a break is really tougher than we thought it would be. It’s more because of the monotony of the sewing shop than anything else. Here I am in Myanmar and what do I see? Mostly these four walls. Even if I were […]