The last of 2009’s shorts is now available! Sadly, for those who missed the screening back in June, there will not be a posting of the much longer work, “Anna,” which – at 20 minutes or so – is unwieldy on the Internet at best.


But please, do enjoy the majesty that is “BIG DONG!” Coming soon to a theatre near you, “Big Dong” is a film from… somewhere – it’s not exactly clear from what country it originates. Kooky Hijinks, Wacky Fun, Slapstick Violence – “Big Dong” seems to have it all!

Say, why aren’t you telling your friends about this film? Why aren’t you emailing this site to them now? I can think of at least 5 or 6 people you know who would enjoy this.

5 comments on “BIG DONG!

  1. Well, dang. I can’t say the duck isn’t spectacular. But it just about crushes a fellow to get only one comment after all that work and this is it. Thank heavens the rabble at YouTube are a little more verbose.

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