Cat Head Theatre 2

It’s been a while since I promised more CHT. But I have been a bit busy, what with the book, the Brian Dewan project, and the new Kitten DVD. Even so, I offer you this new trailer for the CHT project, next on the list.

[flashvideo filename= /]

Download the iPod version here.

3 comments on “Cat Head Theatre 2

  1. Ain’t it cool how technology moves forward? But I’ll bet you’re still bringing your MacPro to it’s digital knees with the rendering. But it looks so damned nice. Nicely done with the lightning lighting. AE or C4D or Maya?

  2. What makes you think I’ve got a Mac Pro? I’m still on a Quad G5 – and prolly will be for some time!

    But yes, I am making it squeal on a daily basis.

    Modeling done in my favorite crappy 3D program, POSER! Special “lighting” and film effects, my beloved AEFX, as always. Wish I knew a proper 3D program, but I suppose I never will.

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