Cat-Head Theatre Passes Over 2 Million Views on YouTube

That’s even more people looking at Cat-Heads! If you would like to see this for yourself, you can. CHT is at this link on Yes, more Cat-Head Theatre is planned. Yes, I am finishing “Aluminum or Glass” before that happens. Yes, unfortunately, I have to work for a living as well.

4 comments on “Cat-Head Theatre Passes Over 2 Million Views on YouTube

  1. “Cat Head Theater” is hilarious. “Frasier Tomcat” is such a great spoof of Alastair Cooke.

    Will you be doing more “Cat Head” Shakespeare? I’m thinking “Julius Caesar” or “MacBeth” would be great with cat heads.

    How about Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson as cats? “Cat Head Theatre presents Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Hound of the Baskervilles” ” LOL.

  2. “Frazier” is also a joke for Chicago area residents who remember growing up with Frazier Thomas, the host of the “Garfield Goose” show!

    Yes, there is more CHT planned, and yes, even some of your ideas are already on the boards – the ones most requested, I might add! I’m just finishing some other projects first before I get into the real Cat Head development…

    Thanks for watching, and thanks for posting.

  3. It means I can’t spell. It’s a typo, now edited.

    Thanks for stopping by, Jan. But why read and comment on such an old post? That was three years ago.

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