“Jetsam” comes from “jettison,” meaning that which is cast off, no longer needed, dragging you down, no longer of any use.

My apologies for dredging up old work like this again. As I go through the archives the occasional gem peeks out, and these were irresistible. A mere two minutes of animation exercises, strung together to a contemporary track I made for completely different purposes.

These were mostly made by hand, under the Oxberry Animation Camera at USC. There are some optical printer bits thrown in here and there as well. I could never use the optical printer as well as Karen Kennedy, but then again, who could? These pieces show some kind of mania on my part to animate everything I could think of – toothpaste, offal, milk, toys, fabric, zip-a-tone, bleach, rubber stamps, and even pieces of “Star Wars.”

It gets gory in the middle there. I’ve been told that part of this is upsetting. So there is your warning.

If you like this, please pass it around, copy it, reblog it, “like” it, and whatever else may work.

A much bigger project is coming this month, more details about which will appear in this space later.

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