Karen – Part 5

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2 comments on “Karen – Part 5

  1. I like the break points on all the pages. But maybe because I had to wait a day to read this page, the opening panel threw me. I did not see the theater seats clearly, it looked like Lil Runt was just in space, and I had to take a moment to recollect that he had stopped into a theater in yesterday’s installment. If the panel had been drawn to orient me clearly that we were in a moviehouse, I would not have had the difficulty. But also if I had read it as a comic and just turned the page from page 4, I would have no trouble either.

  2. Good point, though. I am trying to work out those page-to-page breaks and end-of-page gags, so this is useful info for me. Thanks for sticking with it – concludes on Tuesday…

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