Kometka is the first new music project to emerge from the Naked Rabbit World Power Foundation in quite some time.  Inspired by space-faring canines, this hour-long piece is very slowly and almost imperceptibly divided into five tracks, each between 12 and 18 minutes long.  This disc is a hypnosis engine, a dream generator, and a motorized trance ritual prosthetic.  A relentless rhythm track drives the entire hour towards its final conclusion, which may or may not have something to do with dogs in space.

Is it Acid House Music?  Electronic Dance Music?  Frankenstein Aphex Mambo?  A Kraftwerk Bhangra Blowout? Some version of all those?  How on earth could anyone know for certain without listening?  Perhaps an eager public will name it and categorize it.

The polyrhythms and synth sounds employed in this release were painstakingly crafted to provide maximum mesmerism for the listener.  Dozens of tiny sounds are scattered throughout the auditory field to provide ear hooks and sound-barbs to drag brains into the swirling maelstrom of its center.  The Naked Rabbit World Power Foundation does not explicitly condone the use of any substance while enjoying this disc, but we have had many reports attesting to its easy integration into your current psychedelic habits.

Buy it here from the Mothership, or get it here without having to pay me even a lousy dollar for it.  I know how things are these days.  Need a CDR? I know, not many people do these days.  But it’s the proper way to listen to it.

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