Last of the Old Gesture Drawings!

This should wrap it up for posting old gesture drawings. I hope to get back to making new ones.

The above is actually quite old. It dates back to the 14th century. This drawing looks like I am trying to do some kind of life drawing/cartoon amalgam – and it’s alternately successful and failing at either. It’s also in conte crayon, not my favorite medium – mostly because I cannot control it worth a diddle, as you can plainly see.

stance tarzan

Not enough dudes in these pages. Not that I never got any good male models to draw – there are plenty! I’m the one who failed here. I like the first guy because I got loose with him without losing too much form. Tarzan returns on the second one – still a kind of pose test, but I’m working on tone, too. You may remember that Tarzan had an adventure with wild beasts of the jungle in this post as well as this one in color.

teal_glasses top_hat


The second of these is getting toward that looser design quality I’m after.

That’s it for the old stack, now on to newer things – namely an illustrated series of my colossal failure projects that never happened.

2 comments on “Last of the Old Gesture Drawings!

  1. I like the first one. I suppose it is the color, but it reminds me of Rembrandt sketches. Hell I like all of them. You have nothing to be ashamed of here dude!

  2. Thanks, Pond! Yes, conte crayon is a great medium for those who can control it! Not sure if Dutch Masters used it, but it’s an old, old material, so they may have.

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