Naked Rabbit Pocket Library

Download this shockingly small zip file and print out your own private library of ten new comics. Instructions are included so you can print cut, and fold them up. Good fun for bad children. Wide range of topics and sensibilities. Years in the making.

Download it here and share with friends.

In this strikingly handsome package you will thrill to such stories as these:

  • 0. Instructions – on how to fold signature books
  • 1. WHAT? – a somewhat whimsical story about eating.
  • 2. Boozer Bear – a cautionary tale about the joys of drink.
  • 3. Vince Morales – an object from a dream, recreated for you.
  • 4. Cool Cat – a lonely young woman considers animal attractions.
  • 5. Captain Heroic – a meditation on the thankless job of Superhero.
  • 6. Tintin vs. Batman – the two iconic comics characters in an unauthorized adventure.
  • 7. Froggy Went a-Courtin’ – a familiar bucolic story of redemption. May be considered blasphemous.
  • 8. American Murder Robots – the next chapter in the general work concerning violent machines. Not really even funny.
  • 9. Crappy Dick – the hoary old sailor from the Sunday Funnies leads us all in bad behavior. Lots of swearing, nudity. Not titillating in the least.
  • 10. The Hero Twins – a familiar Maya myth retold in 8 pages -and in anaglyphic 3D, so go get your red/green glasses.

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