Projects that Never Were – Part 4 – Screaming Skull of Death

The Naked Rabbit archives contain many unfinished and never-were projects. Here are some of them in this Museum of Melancholy.

Should you be a programmer looking for trouble, I have untold treasures for you – designs and plans for apps so weird no one has made any of them YET. Here is another in that unhappy list: THE SCREAMING SKULL OF DEATH.


How would YOU like to carry around your very own Screaming Skull of Death? Well, yes, who wouldn’t? This one would be like some kind of infernal pet – it could interact with gestures, but mostly it interacted against them – after all, it was a CREATURE OF HELL.

It’s not even that fun to describe the SSoD or to talk about him much. You look at that picture and you’re either on board or not. Like the Mystic Hand, it had the capability of behaving in unusual and surprising ways.

Or rather, it really did not do all that much.  What it did was fun.  It was just a little mean skull who dominated your phone.  If you shook him up, you might break him, and his jaw would collapse.

I’m ded.

If you dragged him along, he’d follow.  He might also try to kill you by belching fire, shooting lightning from his eyes, and  – naturally, screaming.  He hated you.  Why?  Because you were always shaking him up and breaking him.


Worse yet, blowing on him would put the fire out, although only temporarily.  Hatred like his could only be kept down for so long.  Soon enough the embers would reignite.

Is this lame?  Well, in 2009 it would not have been.   The iPhone was only on version 3, and people were just starting to make things for the App Store.  In those days, an app with a big red button that played a fart sound was the number one seller on the Apple App Store.  Apps that displayed pictures and played single sounds were vastly popular.  Compared to those, the Screaming Skull looked pretty good.  Compared to them, the SSoD would have been a revolution.


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