The Tower Sisters – What is the Response Threshold and How Does it Work?

Not much is known about The Tower Sisters.  This audio artifact is an hour-long piece neatly divided into two sections.  The Sisters make use of shortwave radio, Eventide Harmonizer, Prince, Unidentified Film Soundtracks, “The Sonic Ear,” “The Cat Napper,” Casiotones, The Korg Ploy-800, A Moog Modular, Unidentified Phone Calls, and Noise, Noise, Noise to create […]

DIY Disk Burning Tower

Of course I wisely waited until optical disk technology was waning before building one of these.  But I still have lots of call for burning multiple disks at once, and the drives started to come my way.  Once again, the goal was to spend as little as possible and use old and used parts. The […]