Senk Djalb

SENK DJALB? I cannot even remember making this PDF. It’s a copy of the print booklet “Senk Djalb,” a Chick-style tract I used to print up and leave on benches and in phone booths here and there. Click the pic, or here. Right-click to download. WHAT LANGUAGE IS THAT? Read it aloud – it’s pretty […]

Anna Soundtrack

Not many people have seen “Anna,” my short narrative film from last year. It’s a bit long for the internet with a running time of 22 minutes. So you would have had to have seen it one of the various screenings last Spring. The main title theme was a little melody that had been thumping […]

Naked Rabbit Pocket Library

Download this shockingly small zip file and print out your own private library of ten new comics. Instructions are included so you can print cut, and fold them up. Good fun for bad children. Wide range of topics and sensibilities. Years in the making. Download it here and share with friends. In this strikingly handsome […]