Senk Djalb


I cannot even remember making this PDF. It’s a copy of the print booklet “Senk Djalb,” a Chick-style tract I used to print up and leave on benches and in phone booths here and there.

Click the pic, or here. Right-click to download.


Read it aloud – it’s pretty interesting. I’ve never heard any two people read it the same way. It is, of course, a made-up language, composed of sounds I thought sounded like talking. My friend Ken O’Donnell suggested I make “conjugations” at times – variations of the words with different endings so that there was some repetition and therefore semblance of a language. Smart fellow, Ken.

Now that you have it, print out a copy and leave it lying around, or just attach it to the next email you send. Tell the recipient that you have just read something amazing that has changed your life forever.

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