Dirigibles and Submersibles – 1-3

Back in April of this year I submitted an entry to the Sketchbook Project, run by the Brooklyn Art Library. The concept was that participating artists would fill and donate a Moleskin sketchbook (approx. 80 pages) to their traveling (and eventually permanent) “library.”

We were directed to choose one of several given themes, and I chose “Dirigibles and Submersibles.” My finished book was only 40 pages; the reverse sides could not be used because the ink would bleed through. It was a comic book, which I subsequently scanned, colored, and have prepared here, for you, in several installments.

Part of the idea of the exhibit is that you “check out” the books you peruse, and the Brooklyn Art Library people actually scan the barcode and keep track of how many times your book has been viewed. I’m sad to report that only three people have bothered to look at my book. That’s a pretty low eyeball rate. I’m hoping it will get a few more views here.

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  1. Hey I went to the project page via your link, NakedRabbit, and couldn’t find your sketchbook. Put in a link on this blog to boost your views there whydontcha?

    Nice colors. Good to see the little weasel back in action. Looking forward to the rest.

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