Lulu and Bird

I learned this game from Marc Crisafulli, who had done something similar. You try to draw your pets as if they were people. The fun thing is that you do not try to make a person who resembles the cat-face or dog-face you are so used to seeing. It’s not about duplicating your hairy loved one in human flesh. It’s more about creating a character who embodies the personality of your beast.

If you’ve seen my cat, Lulu, with a bird from the yard, you’d recognize this cool, dispassionate expression. Cecilia noticed the ass on this one – what can I say? Drawing asses is fun. It’s a good shape. Go ahead and draw one – right now – and you will see how much fun it is.

No human being has an ass this delineated, but then again, no cat does either. The cat ass is a strange shape, not as much fun to draw.

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