“Everyone We Know” Web Book


Do you remember this post? It was about a sketchbook I had kept in the late part of 2008 and beginning of 2009 for an art project. A few of those sketches turned up here and there. Oh, and here, too.

At one time there was a web app called “web book” which was very lovely and allowed you to slowly page through an online animated version of the book. That no longer works now that it is five years after the fact. So the original files are presented here for you to peruse.

everyone_1 everyone_2 everyone_3 everyone_4
everyone_5 everyone_6 everyone_7 everyone_8
everyone_9 everyone_10 everyone_11 everyone_12
everyone_13 everyone_14 everyone_15 everyone_16
everyone_17 everyone_18 everyone_18 everyone_19
everyone_20 everyone_21 everyone_22 everyone_23
everyone_23 everyone_24 everyone_25 everyone_26
everyone_27 everyone_28 everyone_29 everyone_30
everyone_31 everyone_32 everyone_33 everyone_34

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