Suzie Creamcheeze shows you how with FOSS.

Is it the same Suzy Creamcheese from the Zappa records?  I don’t know, but she’s animating now, whatever the case.  Suzie has been working entirely with FOSS tools – Free and Open-Source Software.

Suzie’s assembled some links and some information in a downloadable guide hosted on the Internet Archive.

Teddy Shall Teach You Tonight

Suzie’s detailed every part of her process, including many of her planning stages.  You can see her script, storyboards, animatic, production cels, timing notes, and the final.  The whole thing is available as a 99 page PDF download from the link above.

Suzie’s approach is definitely a good marriage of old-school techniques (drawing on paper, scanning it in) and new-fangled stuff (ink and paint in the computer, finishing and posting to YouTube).  She’s got great tips for keeping the costs down – including some pretty common-sensical notions, like using an older used scanner.  I’ve got the same one she does.

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