Let Me Show You My Pokeymans

Whenever someone shows me how many Pokeymans there are in the world I am overwhelmed. Who could possibly collect ’em all? And what would you do with them once you did? But when I sit down to draw my own Pokeymans I realize that the PokeyCreators have really dropped the ball on some obvious designs the world is salivating for. Why not try these new Pokeymans?

•KROGSTAD has the power to hide his eyes! And to see his food REALLY CLEARLY!
•MELVIN is cute – and ugly at the same time!
•The mysterious SEVENTEEN has no proper name!
•One can only guess what infernal powers belong to RAW-EYE! He might stare at something! Really hard!


•Children the world over try not to be friends with GREEBLYBUTT, the dog with bee’s wings!
•The undersea world of LUMPY is a depressing place, full of contemplation and hideous irony!


•Someone saved a dead mouse head and used it to create the GOOSE-STEPPING SIR ROBO-MOUSE, who can salute the Führer whilst snacking on camembert. That’s one of the most peaceful Nazi experiments we’ve ever heard of!
•FREDENSTEIN combines what children love most – the middle-aged antics of a Stone-Age patriarch with the confused moral questions inherent in bringing back the dead.

•RAUNCHO LAUNCHO’s rocketry powers are entirely self-contained! And powered by something as simple as excess carbohydrates.
•Our 37th President makes an adorable toy that kids love to take to bed. But what happens when CUDDLY NIXON wishes to pursue his mad dreams of empire once again?
•The hideous VEX has come from your nightmares to ruin your childhood forever.
•MAIL LION might deliver you a letter. Then you may have to read it! Watch out, because no one knows what it might say!
•SCRABBY is a giant dust mite from another Pokeyman’s eyebrows. He is disgusting! And he will not stop until he has devoured all the skin flakes and dandruff from everyone on the planet!
•There are some dark arts that no creature must pursue. Once an ordinary owl, CLOWL has opened the book of Clown Secrets, and now must wear oversized shoes forever.
•This is just some guy’s head on a dog body with a crown on it. But we call it HEFTY, the slightly confused Pokeyman.
•When there is filth to eat, GRUBBY will be there, rolling in it, furiously.
•Finally, what Pokeyman group can be complete without a caustic jelly companion for comic relief? OOZY leaves a trail of slime that can eat through solid steel in seconds.

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