Mr. Suggs’s Shiny Beetle Hat

I’m late with the music video project, and there is not yet an entry for April. It was bound to happen. Happy May Day. In lieu of that, and to show that I’m conscious of my deadlines even after I’ve missed one, I offer some entertainment until the show starts.

Last month the lovely Vicki Bennett unveiled her massive “Radio Boredcast” project.

The project gathered over 100 artists together to produce works that were, among other things, incredibly L O N G . . .

My contribution to the event is the 38 minute “Mr. Suggs’s Shiny Beetle Hat.” Here’s what I wrote about it on the Boredcast site:

MSSBH began life as a turgid short story, written in an attempt to prove that a certain brand of screenwriting software was actually crap. It was, and so was the story, which no one would read, regardless of the amount offered. This new presentation, however, is bound to be the smash hit on radio I have always wanted. A little known fact about this piece is that it is entirely composed of birdsong, painstakingly recorded and edited, stretched, squeezed, modified, and modulated to sound like “synthesizers,” “drums” and even “a narrator.” Even more amazing is that it consists only of the songs of common sparrows found outside my window when I am feeling melancholy. Perhaps the most startling, amazing, and downright awesome wicked aspect is that encoded in between the birdsong are secret subliminal instructions which, if all goes according to plan, will mobilize a good quarter of the listening audience (+/- 12% standard deviation) into my zombie apocalypse army. WHICH YOU CANNOT STOP.

I still think it’s true. Would you like to listen to it? the entire Radio Boredcast will eventually be archived on WFMU’s servers, but until then, maybe you’d like to download it here:

Are you interested in a CD copy?

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