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By popular demand, the lyrics to the A.P.E. video are below. You probably liked it better when you could not understand what they were singing.


I wish I could go back to the very first day
I saw you standing there, you took my breath away
I’m glad you didn’t see me, cuz I looked like a fool,
Watching you there made me start to drool
Driving around in my junglemobile,
I can’t believe that you are for real
Your friends are all sayin’ that I’m not worth much,
But what do they know, they’re all out of touch
Wipe away your tears and open your heart,
Even though you and me are worlds apart
I like your style, I like your smile,
Give me an inch and I’ll take a mile!

Yeah, I only want to be with you
Yeah, And you could learn to like me too
Wow, I wanna rub myself on you
Yeah, I wanna share my fruit with you

Oh yeah, baby, give me a kiss,
I never thought it could be like this
Don’t hesitate cuz my love won’t wait,
Even though you think that I’m second rate
So hold me close and take me to your side,
You can’t be getting’ picky, gotta swallow your pride
Going out with me couldn’t be so bad,
It’ll irritate your Mom and enrage your Dad!

I know you think that I’m movin’ too fast,
I know that you’re feelin’ like you’re getting’ harassed
Do I have to say the words – shout it out?
You’re my new religion and I’m quite devout
You’re the half that makes me whole,
I’d like to get to know you when I’m out on parole
Baby your love’s just gotta increase,
Never you mind I’m a big hairy beast!

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